Soaring spirits and failed meringues

This christmas eve, my gift to the fam was cooking some cocoa meringue and egg nog! Today I made the meringue with very high spirits, it was a wonderful failure. Yes, my christmas gift went down the drain.

The egg and sugar mixture simply refused to harden to enable me to pipe it into attractive peaks, However I did manage to make my second batch somewhat good tasting at least.

Just for laughs though, here is what I was going for


And here is what I turned out with


You’ve got to hand it over to me, that was some 9gag talent there!

Anyway, let’s hope at least my egg nog turns out well, and a very merry christmas eve to you wonders!

P.S. Here is the recipe I followed for those of you not so terrible cooks, unlike myself.



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  1. sarahabear21 says:

    At least you tried. I always tend to stay away from desserts. Next year I might actually make a pudding. Anyway thanks for the post.

    1. soumyaj says:

      Haha yeah, you should go for it! If it turns out well the feeling is priceless!

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