Dance for Kindness


This is happening NEAR YOU!

Life Vest Inside, a non profit organization that aims to empower and unite the world through kindness is hosting their annual fundraiser flashmob this NOVEMBER 9th to kick off the kindness week!

Check out their webpage and if your city is enlisted, you now know what you’re doing this November 9th!

Let us change this world with kindness people, it is what keeps this world afloat!

To like, love and dislike

I have five friends. I don’t mean five close friends or people I trust and can count on or people I have known longest, I mean I have five friends in total. In life. They are all extremely close and important to me.
So it’s safe to say I am not a very social person. I’m not asocial per say, but I find it hard to be the kind of person who walks into a room and makes small talk with everyone (I think those kind of people are awesome though!). I generally like people though, all kinds of people and I would never in my wildest dreams imagine being unkind to anyone on purpose.
Which is why it came as a huge shock the other day when I was informed by someone that an old classmate of mine doesn’t like me.
As far as my memory of her stretches, we have always been on cordial terms. I’ve never done her any harm directly or indirectly and there was no bad blood between us. However, I suppose it’s safe to say that neither was there any love lost.
This really got me thinking, about what I am not sure. I can’t judge or comment because in all honesty I do this quite a bit as well. I dislike people I barely know. Sure, I claim it is based on things I’ve ‘seen and heard’, but if I truly wish to face the music the truth is that I am none the wiser. I judge people who I don’t know well, I form opinions based on irrelevant experiences, I hold grudges against people who do the same things some of my closest friends do. The truth is that I am SO flawed and so astutely aware of it that I almost can’t take offence for her disliking me.
This should be an experience in my life where my eyes are opened and I realize that we need to look past what we think we see and love and accept everyone or at least give them a fair chance to prove themselves a jackass, right? Well WRONG.
I say we should try to love everyone, but it’s okay if there are some people who we just don’t like. Love the essence within every person, love how differently their mind thinks, love how they’re wonderful at what they do best, love that they are human, just like us, but you don’t have to like everyone. There will be some people who’ve always given you bad vibes, who’ve always had a condescending approach, who’ve always managed to somehow annoy you, you don’t need to like them, it’s alright, but love them anyway.
I think this rather funny message actually makes sense to me today, I hope it makes sense to you too.

Of clowns and smiles!

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to witness happiness spread in a fantastic art form, clowning.
It was sheer miraculous to watch kids faces go from deep rooted frowns to slow glowing smiles, and mr. Clown, you were a treat to be around!
Thank you, to compassion clowning, a beautiful bunch of souls who enabled me to be a part of this magic!


I’ve never felt more beautiful!

What if you run out?

What if we run out?

What if we run out of love? What if we run out of passion? What if we run out of money? What if we run out of clients? What if we run out of ideas? What if we run out of thoughts? What if we run out of music? What if we run out of inspiration? What if we run out?

Do you ever find yourself tormented by one or more of the above questions? I know I do, and the very thought petrifies me.

What if I wake up one day and there is no new seed germinating in my mind? What if I keep waking up day after day after day with nothing inspiring me, with nothing making me want to write? What if?

Personally, I believe that’s quite impossible because our thoughts seem to breed quicker than rabbits. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, boring thoughts, there are always thoughts and as long as there are thoughts there will be words. Yet there are days, there are precise moments in days when I pause, just a little, to fret.

I wonder sometimes, can we ever get so burned out of our passion, so wiped out of our desire to create, to DO, that we become insipid silhouettes of what we are supposed to be?

I fear the truth is that it is possible for a time like that to arrive, frighteningly so.

Can we prevent it? No. Can we fight it? Possibly.

I’m not sure I have a cookie cutter solution for you but I think it lies somewhere in creating the right tools for yourself for a chance that a day like that could happen.

Choose the right companions. Befriend people who inspire you. I don’t mean very successful people but people who make you feel like you have the capability to move mountains. People who draw from you and whom you draw from. Keep your safe ten feet away from people who bleed you dry of your love and passion, as of those who make you feel insecure or doubt yourself. Choose people who have worlds of faith in you, those are always the best kinds.

Make a note of your highs. If you are someone like me with an annoyingly concrete memory you needn’t actually have to make a note, you’re gonna remember it. However, if you think you may forget, or you won’t have the strength to recall your triumphs or glory days on bad ones, then write them down, take pictures, tell a best friend who will narrate it back to you when you need to remember. Like I always say, be your own inspiration. It doesn’t get better than that.

Finally, here is something that works for me like a charm whenever I am a little out of inspiration. Do what you do best FOR someone. Whether you write or draw or sing or fix computers or are a doctor, whatever you do, do it for someone close to you, someone special, a friend, a family member or someone who you know really needs it because when we work with love, the desire to deliver seeps in with an unearthly force and takes over.

I hope you know that you are wonderful and no amount of deadbeat days can ever take that away from you!

Our forever as the years go by

I like things being real.

I like that even though we were meeting after twenty months, we spent exactly half our time in disagreement with each other. We didn’t rose tint those ten days away, where we saw an argument, we seized it and devoured it. I liked that.

However, there is a part of me that does not comprehend real, a part that lives in its own time and harps along its own tune. A part that when said forever, meant forever. No, not just a considerably long period of time, not just till forever makes logical sense, but actually forever. Ofcourse I could only promise you forever hoping that it comes to fruition but if you really really believe in your promise, it doesn’t leave you even if you want it to.

I still remember you, I still think of you. With every breath of my being, I still `cherish you like an heirloom.

Some people understand this, some don’t but each time I find a believer incredulity slithers away, making way for the nascent of our forever. Once again, I find it.

Once again, I find you.

You are a part of what makes me alive, you are a part of what makes me who I am, you are a part of the dreams I can dream, you are my hopes, you are.

As each year waddles by they say that you should shrink down to a peanut in my mind, but little do they know that you are only blown up bigger and bigger each year.

I don’t love you, but I will always love you.